Quadra Island

“In early July 2017, Small Planet installed for us a 4.4Kw grid-tied, ground mount solar PV system with web monitoring. We are thrilled to have this system. We love the sturdiness in looks and function of this array. We really appreciate being able to easily push one button on the inverter to see how much energy the system is producing at that particular moment. We find it highly convenient to be able to go on the dedicated web site to see the statistics about the production of this array. We look forward to having a whole year’s worth of use to assess the economic benefits of our new system. We feel very good about being able to harness the sun’s energy to meet our needs. Moreover, we want to underline some of the professional and personal qualities of Jarek and Garryt: courteous, respectful, responsive, neat, and good humoured. So far, our experience with Small Planet has been a pleasure.” ~ Jocelyne and Jen, Quadra Island


We were contacted by the owners to install the electrical system and provide a solar PV grid-tie system on the property they were developing. The goal was to drastically decrease the estate’s carbon foot print.

The Solution

After a site assessment and a discussion with the owner about their preferences for array location, we decided to provide them with a 4.4kw ground mount array located in the north corner of the property. The first building to go up was a power shed where the services entered the property. The second thing to go up was the ground mount solar array so all of the energy used to finish the development was offset by the already functioning solar grid-tie system.

Equipment Used