briefcase_80pxConsultation:  If a renewable energy system interests you, contact us for an interview and then for a follow-up site visit.
tools2_80pxSystem Design and Installation:  We design and install simple off-grid systems for cabins to sophisticated battery backed grid-tie systems that employ solar, wind, and micro-hydro resources to power small communities.
presentation_80pxEducation:  Education is part of what we do. We would be happy to provide a renewable energy primer to your school or community group.
cert_80pxLicensed Electrical Contractor:  We have been in the electrical industry for 20 years, specializing in commercial and residential installations and service.
Which areas does Small Planet Energy provide service?

We service the southern half of the west coast of British Columbia including Vancouver Island and the adjoining island communities, as well as the Lower Mainland and the Sunshine Coast.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that comes from sources that are naturally replenished such as sun, wind and water.

Is solar energy a good choice in south-western BC?
We are lucky on the coast of BC, because we have excellent solar potential. Compared to a place like Berlin, Germany (similar latitude and one of the leading countries for solar production), we get about 10-15% more sun on average per year.  In addition, being in a cooler climate, compared to a place like California, improves solar module efficiency as module efficiency decreases with ambient heat.
If the power goes out and I have a grid-tie system, will I also lose power?

Not necessarily. Grid-tie inverters do go down if they lose the grid signal but if you invest in a battery backup system you will have power while the rest of your neighbourhood will be in darkness.

10 kW wind turbine
This is the first solar grid-tie installation in the northern Vancouver Island region. Designed and installed by Small Planet Energy.

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